FreedomBox is our next Gen android KitKat TV entertainment system that delivers your TV direct Online access to live digital TV broadcast of the biggest names in movies and TV in up to 1080p HD. It Features 8 Core graphic GPU enabling you to enjoy for the first time native H.265 HEVC hardware decoding of HD audio & Video on the android eco-system. Just plug it in and enjoy a whole world of your favorite movies, music, sports and live TV all together in one place.
Amazing what $149.95 could buy for you today.

XBMC Pre Installed

Bluetooth 4.0

Google Play Store

Android KitKat 4.4

High effeciency

Wifi 802.11

Airmouse Included

Hardware decoding

Quad Core A9

The FreedomBox is a one-of-a-kind Android game console that allows you to play on TV Android games with peak performance and unparalleled precision and comfort.

Be amazed how you can use the tablet or phone you already own to interact with your HDTV. You can wirelessly stream content from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as any android smartphone or tablet to your widescreen TV via the FreedomBox . So if you want to watch a film stored on one of your devices, you don’t need to copy to to the device or rent it again. when you tap, swipe, pinch or play something, it shows up on the big screen - ideal for sharing entertainment with friends or family.

The FreedomBox comes built in with groundbreaking solution for seamlessly displaying video between devices, without cables or a network connection. Users can do things like view pictures from a smartphone on a big screen television, share a laptop screen with the conference room projector in real-time, and watch live programs from a home cable box on a tablet.

Your FreedomBox is also a Media Renderer and UPnP Media Server. Play easily your music, videos and images on your phone and devices on your network (DLNA TVs, XBMC, WMP, ...), from your external UPnP Media Servers.

Manage your FreedomBox from a desk web browser, or any tablet or iPad - all over the air.

Your FreedomBox shows you all of your phone's notifications right on your TV so you never miss a notification again!