Freedombox is our next-generation all-in-one Android (Kit-Kat) entertainment system that
can be used as a game console, communication hub, a PC alternative and a media player and
streamer that delivers to your TV a high quality up-to 1080p HD video playback and a direct
access to the best movies and TV shows and programs available on the internet.

How Can I Transfer files to the device (music, movies or documents)?

We recommend you to use Airdroid. Open the application on your console, press start, you should see a web address.
now go to your PC or tablet and navigate to the address shown on the airdroid application on tv..confirm the connection and you
are good to go.

What is miracast and how can I use it?

Your device comes built in with native support for Wi-Fi Display which allows you to mirror the content from your Android Smartphone
or Tablet on to your TV screen. So, simultaneously the movie you are watching on your Android Tablet will appear on your TV screen,
playing in real-time! The same works with games. Why play Angry Birds on your Smartphone when you can let the whole family join
in and have the game simultaneously appear on the TV screen. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi Display is not compatible with Samsung and Sony
devices. Please see link for quick 'How To Guide' for Wi-Fi Display:

Can I use my iPhone or iPad to display content on TV with my Freedombox ?

AirPin PRO is a great application for all Apple iOS customers using our media hubs. It enables the AirPlay feature on iOS to be
compatible with our media hubs, so you can stream any audio or video content from your iPhone, iPad or iTunes onto your TV.
No need to install anything as long as the Freedombox and iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi connection then you can use
immediately. Simply activate the AirPlay feature on your iOS device when playing media content. For more information regarding
AirPin PRO please visit:

I want to navigate my local library on the TV, how can I do that?

We pre-installed ES File Manager which will allow you to navigate on the device storage as well as on the local shared network folders and devices.

Can I connect the device from MAC OSX?

Yes. Please install in your device the (DroidNAS) application from the google play store. Start the service and then in your Mac Finder
press CMD+K and paste this address: smb://your_device_ip:port_number/SD Card (example smb:// Card), login as guest.

Can I install applications directly to the Freedombox from my PC or MAC?

Yes. (1) You can login on your computer to Google Play with the same account you used to login to your device.
(2) You can manually download an APK file (android application file) and either:
Sync it to the device cloud account (dropbox or google drive) and manually install it from there
(3) Push the device to the APK via pushbullet
(4) Install the application from your PC with an application called Airdroid. This is probably the easiest way in case you have the APK file in your PC.

XBMC ext SD not showing my connected USB disk, how to enable it?

Go to XBMC main menu, select movies, files, root and add this path : /mnt/extUSB

My Game is not supported with gamepad, how do you enable it?

Not all games are supported with the gamepad controller function. Please refer to the game developer for more info.
However, you can also try the driodmote application from the google play store as it will most probably solve your issue.
It will require manual key mapping though.

Does Freedombox often release firmware upgrades?

We ONLY release new firmware updates to our monthly subscription clients. This is a valuable service that all clients should consider in order to better enhance the user experience. Make sure you purchase your subscription today.

How do I turn off my Freedombox?

There are two options regarding how to turn off the Freedombox. You will see the power icon along the task bar at the bottom of the
Android home-screen. Click this icon and you will be presented with the options to either shut down, sleep or re-boot. Or Take out
the power chord. Choose the appropriate option.

Where is the power button on my Freedombox?

Customers should be reminded that the Freedombox does not have a physical power button. Instead both devices come with auto
power-on feature, meaning the media hub will conveniently power up as soon as it's plugged into the main power source. Freedombox prides itself on the minimal power consumption of our media device, so you can safely leave your Freedombox plugged in and on stand-by mode 24/7/365.

How can I hide the task-bar at the bottom of the screen?

Please go to settings, there is an option to auto-hide the task-bar.

How can I disable the launcher?

Install any other android launcher of your choice. Go to "Settings", then "Apps". Select “Freedombox”. Then click on "Clear Defaults".
When you next press the home button you will be presented with the options of what launcher you wish to use. Remember to select
"Just Once" if you don't want to make this launcher selection permanent.

What is the maximum external hard drive capacity supported by Freedombox devices?

Your Device is compatible with external hard drives up to a maximum of 2.5TB. Also, most external hard drives do not require an
external power source to work, and can be sufficiently powered by the media hub via the USB port.

What is the maximum SD card capacity supported by the Freedombox?


What webcams do you recommend I use with my Freedombox device?

We recommend the Logitech Webcam C Series for use - specifically the C110, C170, C210, C920 and C525. Other web-cams may
work, however these are the models that have been tested and verified by Freedombox, and we can ensure compatibility.

Can I stream online media content?

Yes, your Freedombox is capable of Full HD real-time streaming (though this is dependent upon the speed of your internet
connection). Whether you’re wanting to browse YouTube, watch TEDTalks, catch up on your favorite TV shows on BBC iPlayer, or see the
latest Hollywood Blockbuster on Netflix all can be done (regional restrictions may apply).

Can I wirelessly mirror the screen from my PC onto the TV using my Freedombox device?

Yes, it is possible to mirror the screen / remotely control your PC using your Freedombox device. There are certain apps
available from the Google Play Store that allow you do this, we recommend 'Splashtop Remote Desktop'. Splashtop Remote
Desktop allows a user to remotely connect to a main computer from another computer or mobile device to access content or run

What other Game controllers do you recommend for gaming on Freedombox?

Your Freedombox is compatible with both PlayStation and Fbox controllers. Simply sync the controllers and start playing ...
Additionally, it’s also compatible with Android games controllers such as the MOGA PRO Series. We recommend either for enhancing
your gaming experience.

Are there any iPhone / iPad apps available to control my Freedombox device?

Unfortunately, there is no remote app available for iOS (iPhone,Ipad etc..)

How to make your system run smoother?

Your Freedombox requires interval cleaning of memory and cache. Under the APPS tab you will see a Memory Optimizer app button. It will direct you to the "Clean Master" application that will allow you a one button click for memory optimization at top of the screen and on the top right option menu you will find clean cache, please click it. Please perform cleaning of memory before every game or heavy application playback.

How to copy files to & from your Freedombox?

The best way is to use the application called Airdroid which we included as built-in app to the device. Simply turn it on and see on the screen the IP address it generates. Than go to your PC web browser and type the ip address in Chrome or Firefox. Once connection establish you will have to confirm the connection on the screen.

How to transfer wirelessly files from Mac OSX to the Freedombox?

We recommend you to install from the Google Play store an application called DroidNAS. Open it and enable SD card and start the server. Then, go to your OSX Finder and press Cmmd+ K. Login as guest. You will see your MultiConsole as a drive on your finder allowing you to copy any file to and from the device wirelessly.

How to play movies from PC shared folder?

While it is possible to use xbmc or archos player, we would recommend you use a more conventional way. In your multiConsole go to ES File manager ( you will see an icon in your top right of the main screen). On the right side you will see NETWORK. Click on it and then press the SCAN button. It will show you any shared server on the network. You will be able to navigate inside and once you locate a movie file you want to play click on it and select MX Player as your desired player.

How to control your PC or Mac from your Freedombox?

We did not include it in the pre-installed applications but you are warmly recommended to install from the google play store an application called MirrorOP Receiver. On your mac or PC install the MirrorOP Sender.

How to mirror my smartphone to the TV with Miracast?

In your Smartphone (Jelly bean is confirmed to work well) go to your Settings/Display and enable Wifi Display. In your MultiConsole open the Wifi Display application (showed as 3rd row on the top right icons in your MultiCosnosle launcher). You will see the device showed on your Smartphone. click and allow connection. Your device will be mirrored in no time.

How to play movies from my PC Youtube to the TV?

Enable the CheapCast server. On the main menu, you will see in the top right an android robot icon. Click on it and enable the server. Go to your PC Youtube from the Chrome browser, start play and then press the Play to TV button on the Youtube player.

How to Mount external USB drive on XBMC?

Go to your XBMC on the MultiConsole. Click on Videos/Files/Add Videos. Now press Browse. Navigate to the bottom of the list to Root/mnt/usb_storage. Confirm.

How to Mount Shared folders from NAS or PC on XBMC?

Go to your XBMC on the MultiConsole. Click on Videos/Files/Add Videos. Now press Browse. Navigate to the bottom of the list to Windows SMB network. Click the Workgroup. Select your shared folder. Confirm.